Scroll down for answers to the questions we get asked most often. If you still need something clarified don't hesitate to reach out. Our customer service team is ready to help.

Gary, Stacey, Duane, Tiffany and Kriss lead the Development Finance team.

+ Are you a new company?

Actually, Development Finance Ltd (DFL) began life in the 1970s as a state enterprise known as the Trinidad and Tobago Development Finance Company with a mandate to provide financing for business development to the SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) sector. Since 2011, the company has gone through major restructuring to widen its product offering. We now offer business financing, investment services, deposit and savings products.

+ Are you licensed under the law?

Yes, we are licensed by the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago as a non-bank financial institution under the provisions of the Financial Institutions Act 2008. We are also regulated by the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission.

+ What about deposit insurance?

Glad you asked, Development FInance is a member institution of the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago. You can learn more here.

+ Where are your latest financials?

Easy, click on these links to download: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

+ Does DFL offer traditional banking?

No, as a merchant bank we don't offer traditional bank accounts. We are focused on business financing, investment services, deposit and savings products.

+ Do you finance startups?

Actually, we provide business financing to growth-stage and mature companies.